Eight Reasons to Install a NuTone® Central Vacuum System in Your Home

NuTone® are driven by a single obsession, a single passion: to produce designs that will change the way people live for the better, forever.

NuTone® Central Vacuum Systems really are perfectly designed and meet the highest criteria of functionality. Here are eight reasons to install a NuTone System in your new or existing home NOW. Your home will love you for it.

NuTone® systems:

  1. Are quiet, powerful and versatile.
  2. Don't recirculate dust.
  3. Remove 100% of contacted dirt, dust, mites, pollen and other allergens.
  4. Carry all these to a central canister located away from living areas.
  5. Help improve indoor air quality.
  6. Create a healthier living environment.
  7. Ease of use.
  8. Add value to your home.

Had a system installed in the 80's and after much, much use it gave up on me so I automatically replaced it straight away! Mrs H - Blackburn

Each detail of the NuTone® Central Vacuum System's construction is driven by our obsession with perfection. With a NuTone® built in vacuum, you can clean everywhere around your home effortlessly and in record time. See your cleaning problems disappear.

Power Units

There is a range of bags, hoses and tool kits available for your NuTone® Central Vacuum System to meet every need and requirement. Pipe work, hoses and tools are interchangeable between machines. All toolkits allow you to move from floor to carpet to curtains etc.

Bags, Hoses & Tool Kits

We supply all necessary pipe and fittings for any combination and number of inlets. We also provide handy installation kits with our recommended range of fittings for a given number of inlets. There are a number of different face plates to suit your chosen décor.

Installation Supplies