FAQs about NuTone Central Vacuums

NuTone® Central Vacuum Systems - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a NuTone® Central Vacuum System be installed in an existing home, and how easy is it?
A: The great thing about installing a NuTone® System in an existing property is that there are two options:
1. It can be done in conjunction with other refurbishment projects (this is always best).
2. It can simply be done as a stand-alone project.
Either way, our valued customers are always stunned by the results. In standard two storey houses the best plan is to run our ultra-strong vacuum pipes in the attic and cleverly drop down to inlet positions using built-in wardrobes for the drops, or in existing boxing that may be concealing soil pipes etc.

Q: How easy is it to install a NuTone® System into a new home?
A: Every home is different. The ideal way to prepare a scheme is for us to look thoroughly at your plans first.
As a company, we have forged an enviable reputation over the years. At installation stage, we are renowned for our unique 'zero disruption policy' we do our best to maintain, whatever size of house, however many inlets are required. While the build is being undertaken it is just as easy as running your plumbing for the kitchen and bathrooms!

Q: What does it cost to install a NuTone® System?
A: Staggering results at an affordable price is what we are all about. We also recognise that every home is unique and there are many variations on pricing with regard to size and choice of equipment.

Q: What is the process for installation?
A: Think of this in terms of plumbing. Our vacuum pipes are 2"OD and will be installed in a new build at first fix stage. The power unit and inlet covers are part of the 2nd fix process.

Q: How long does the process for installation take?
A: This again is not quantifiable as every home and site is different. Over the years we have installed our built-in central vacuum systems in every kind and size of property you can imagine. That means we have the experience and know-how to complete the perfect installation with minimum disruption to you, without compromising on installation detail and long term performance. For the standard 2/3 bedroom house the first fix should take no longer than a day.

Q: We live hectic lives, so is there really minimal disruption to our home life during the process of installation?
A: As with any building project there will be some disruption, but think of the benefits after your NuTone® System is up and running! You will have added value to your home in one stroke and can relax, safe in the knowledge that your hoovering headaches are finally over. Forever.

Q: How many inlets do I need?
A: That is the question! The dedicated project manager assigned to your installation will liaise with you to decide where a 9 metre hose will reach to vacuum your home.
A NuTone Central Vacuum System provides you with DEEP CLEANING POWER, ridding your carpets and rugs of contacted dirt, dust, mites, pollen and other allergens completely. We also recognise that you will want to vacuum the top of curtain poles/pelmets etc and to go round obstructions such as the bed and dining room table. With the NuTone® System you can clean anywhere, with outstanding results.

Q: Where is the best place to keep the canister?
A: At NuTone®, Discretion is our middle name. If possible, the canister is best located remote from your main living accommodation such as the garage or utility room, and preferably on an outside wall so the exhaust may be run outside. This means no more carrying a heavy vacuum cylinder from room to room or up and down stairs. Imagine that!

Q: Do I get a warranty?
A: All other equipment has a standard 2 month warranty in accordance with your statutory rights.

Q: What about post installation support? Can I call up NuTone® if I have any questions or concerns, or will I be totally reliant on e-mail?
A: Unlike so many other companies, we don't hide behind e-mails. We prefer the 'personal touch'. So, in the unlikely event that you do have a problem or concern, simply pick up the phone. One of our staff will be delighted to help.

Q: If I call up NuTone®, will I be put on hold for hours or will I speak to a human being, and how long will it take?
A: We always publish our contact details on the website and in the event we are not able to take your call immediately, our answerphone quotes our mobile numbers so we can always be reached. This gives you TOTAL SUPPORT and therefore peace of mind from the very moment you first contact us about installing one of our world-class built-in vacuum systems.

Here is what just one of our highly valued customers says:
"Dear Mrs Money. Thank you for the prompt despatch of goods we ordered from your company. It's nice to know that there is someone out there who is still interested in doing business; instead of I don't know if we still do that. I will have to go and ask somebody."  Bryan Goodwin, UK

Q: Will installing a NuTone® Central Vacuum System add value to my home?
A: The million dollar question! Any improvement will add value but industry experts never agree on such diverse additions as loft conversions, double glazing etc so this is not a value that can be quantified. It will certainly make your house irresistible to prospective purchasers. The best view is that it is going to be a huge benefit for you in your daily life and it will add value to your quality of life immeasurably. And anyway, once you've installed a NuTone® Central Vacuum System in your home, you'll never want to move!

Had my system for a long while and couldn't be without it now. Mr S - Reading

Each detail of the NuTone® Central Vacuum System's construction is driven by our obsession with perfection. With a NuTone® built in vacuum, you can clean everywhere around your home effortlessly and in record time. See your cleaning problems disappear.

Power Units

There is a range of bags, hoses and tool kits available for your NuTone® Central Vacuum System to meet every need and requirement. Pipe work, hoses and tools are interchangeable between machines. All toolkits allow you to move from floor to carpet to curtains etc.

Bags, Hoses & Tool Kits

We supply all necessary pipe and fittings for any combination and number of inlets. We also provide handy installation kits with our recommended range of fittings for a given number of inlets. There are a number of different face plates to suit your chosen décor.

Installation Supplies