NuTone Products UK

About NuTone® Products UK - Marion and Jay Money - A Winning Team That Cares

NuTone® Products UK is the trading name for an independent, family-owned and run, limited company launched in 1975. We provide personal service to ensure that the built in vacuum cleaning equipment you buy today will give you satisfaction for years to come.

We haven't become the best in the business by accident. We, Marion and Jay Money, have always shared the same concern for perfection, and:

  • Attach great importance to the quality of our service.
  • Are passionate about what we do.
  • Live and breathe excellence and innovation in design.
  • Are teeming with new ideas.
  • Always give our clients the highest level of service available. And we mean that.

Hold on tight and prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey through:

10 GREAT REASONS why you should choose NuTone® Central Vacuum Systems TODAY:

  1. Established: We're a UK based family business that has traded successfully for over 30 years with many satisfied customers.
  2. Ongoing service: New and existing customers can rely 100% on support via our dedicated and knowledgeable team.
  3. Approachable: You can call us at any time. We don't hide behind e-mail communications.
  4. Bespoke committed service: Offering no obligation quote.
  5. Client comes first: We put the client first and pride ourselves on our personal attention. We assign a dedicated project manager to each customer in order that you have a single point of contact.
  6. Industry leader: NuTone® is at the forefront of the USA central vacuum cleaning market and has been established in the field for over 50 years.
  7. One stop shop: The full product range is in stock and orders can be tailored to supply just parts, fittings, second fix as required on a mix and match basis.
  8. Choice of models: Available in both bagged and cyclonic versions of personal choice of emptying method.
  9. 100% satisfaction guarantee: No quibble full refund of product costs for over-ordered items.
  10. Performance and quality assured.

At NuTone® we always make a commitment to deliver to the highest standards. We expect nothing less than perfect performance from each and every one of our products for years to come. So when we decided to design a built-in central vacuum cleaning system we set about designing a system that was reliable, powerful and exceptionally effective, while at the same time conveying the essence of aesthetic simplicity. Our customers tell us over and over again that we got it exactly right. And then some.

Installed 16 years ago. It is a great facility. The years roll on and you're still there and vacuum still going strong. Mr C - E.Sussex

Each detail of the NuTone® Central Vacuum System's construction is driven by our obsession with perfection. With a NuTone® built in vacuum, you can clean everywhere around your home effortlessly and in record time. See your cleaning problems disappear.

Power Units

There is a range of bags, hoses and tool kits available for your NuTone® Central Vacuum System to meet every need and requirement. Pipe work, hoses and tools are interchangeable between machines. All toolkits allow you to move from floor to carpet to curtains etc.

Bags, Hoses & Tool Kits

We supply all necessary pipe and fittings for any combination and number of inlets. We also provide handy installation kits with our recommended range of fittings for a given number of inlets. There are a number of different face plates to suit your chosen décor.

Installation Supplies