NuToneŽ Central Vacuum Cleaners - Welcome To Built In Hoover Heaven!

Just when you thought built in central vacuum cleaner design had peaked, NuToneŽ has taken things to exhilarating new heights. Now you don't have to spend a fortune for your home to look a million dollars because, with an inspired blend of aesthetic simplicity and technological sophistication, NuTone has come up with an affordable built in vacuum system to die for. And we really are talking DEEP CLEANING POWER. Don't take a chance with other built in hoovers; this is built in vacuum cleaning with STAGGERING results.

VX1000 ModelPicture This . . .

You've got a dozen dinner guests arriving in five minutes. The wine's chilled, the table's laid, the stereo's on low, and baby's finally off to sleep. You pull open the oven door. Dinner smells amazing, doesn't it?

Then someone knocks over a bowl of crisps and treads the lot into the living room carpet. Aaaarrgghh!

No problem. NuToneŽ will take care of it. Quickly. Quietly. Efficiently. Effortlessly.

What makes NuToneŽ Central Vacuum Cleaners So Special?

A NuToneŽ system is an easy to use master stroke of innovation and design, possessing deep cleaning power that you won't believe. And, what's more, NuToneŽ systems have never been so affordable, making this a perfect time to invest. They make cleaning every corner of your house (and car) so easy.

NuToneŽ systems really are now the systems of choice everywhere because, unlike conventional hoovers, they:

How do NuToneŽ Built In Vacuum Cleaners work?

Make Cleaning Every Corner of Your Home Unbelievably EasySimply put, a NuTone built-in hoover is a lightweight tube, a hole in the wall, a canister you rarely see, a healthy family and a pristine home. Inserting the hose into a wall inlet.NuTone built-in hoovers are selling fast because they're such great value and they've taken the hassle out of vacuum cleaning forever. .

The greatest gift in life is time. Now you'll have more free time than ever before, because with a NuToneŽ system you simply switch it on, stand back and smile as you watch all your cleaning problems go straight down the tube.

At Last, No More Carrying!

NuToneŽ systems remove all the dirt and debris from your home and send it through tubing built in the walls to a receptacle in an out-of-the-way location like a garage or cellar.

You only carry a lightweight hose and cleaning attachments around the house. The power unit is permanent and out of the way. This makes them as light as a feather and as strong as a bull, and means no more trailing cables and no more lugging a heavy cylinder unit from room to room or up and down stairs.

Bag One of These, TODAY

The bagged version is not just equally impressive, it's stunning. The bags are self-sealing and the bag adapter makes changing easy. The new range of NuToneŽ Central Vacuums features:

Add Value To Your Home

Quieter than other central vacuums, a NuToneŽ Central Vacuum System is a long-lasting built-in convenience that actually adds value to your home. Imagine that!

Simply insert the hose into a wall inlet and let the powerful suction begin immediately. Remove the hose, the system shuts off (or use the upgraded version on'off fingertip control hose), the cleaning's done and dinner's ready before the doorbell rings.

And the best news of all? Thanks to NuToneŽ, baby's still sound asleep.

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